WHEN you’ve lived in a place long enough, there’s always one restaurant which is your banker. A place where you know the quality of food, price and service is going to be both spot on and consistent.

For me that place in Salisbury is the Thai Sarocha in New Street. As an occasional visitor you are met with polite recognition. And, once relieved of your coat, you decide on the table unless of course the place is packed.

I chose to go straight to the main course for my most recent visit. And as much as the restaurant is a favourite so is the dish – the Thai red curry with egg fried rice.

Chicken slightly spiced in a coconut sauce and cooked with aubergine and bamboo shoots have a comforting warmth without the fear of your eyes watering.

However, for the first time I found myself with food envy in the Sarocha. My guest’s choice of the Sea Bass, steamed with lemongrass, fresh lime juice, chilli, garlic and coriander was so appealing I had to try a forkful.

It will leave me a dilemma when I return. Which will be soon I am sure.