KALAHARI Street Foods (see page 18) sounds like a quirky food stall, better suited to Camden Town rather than Salisbury.

Established earlier this year, the stall is different to your everyday food stands.

South African founder and chef Christian Rudolph Botes, better known as Rudolph, came to Britain almost 20 years ago. It is only recently that he decided to pursue his dream of making traditional South African Food.

Capitalising on the British fondness for curry, Rudolph has brought a spicy dish to the forefront of his business.

The ‘curry bun’ is exactly what it sounds, a doughy bun filled with curry.

That is where the blandness stops.

The bun is expertly made with much precision. Too much water and the texture softens. Too much flour and the flavour will be adversely affected. Combine both perfectly and once fried you are left unofficially with a donut without the sugar, but with the taste of the finest fresh bread.

The filling is stuffed with lentils produced by Wilton Wholefoods, and mixed with vegetables of choice, but in this case, carrots, potatoes and peas blend together perfectly.

While vegetarian options are available, a beef filling is mixed with the lentils to deliver a rich taste.

With an option to add chillies, the extra spice adds to the already wholesome flavour.

The whole dish is delicious, and one of the finest curried foods I have eaten in some time.

Adam Pilon