Homemade Vanilla Sugar

This is the simplest and the sweetest of all my Christmas-gift recipes. If you have the right intentions, but barely the time to spare, then this is the answer. This sugar possesses the most heavenly vanilla scent and can be dusted over cakes and biscuits, sprinkled on crumbles and pancakes or simply added to sweet bakes.


1 vanilla pod

1kg caster sugar

You will need:

blender/food processor

large sieve

jars, bottles or bags for packing


1. Pour the sugar into the food processor (you may need to do this in several batches if using a ‘smoothie blender’).

2. Add the vanilla pod and blend to a fine consistency (no large pieces of vanilla pod)

3. Sieve the sugar over a large bowl and discard any material too big to fit through the sieve.

4. Portion the sugar into jars, bags or bottles and label with serving suggestions.