FOODIE fans may be interested to know about the latest guest chef events, which are open to all comers at Bread and Flowers, Longford Farmhouse, Bodenham.

Diners get the opportunity to sample dishes prepared by some top London chefs and food writers, some of whom don’t have restaurants themselves.

Opening the series, Leith-trained Olia Hercules cooked up a range of Ukrainian delicacies for around 35 guests last Saturday evening.

Martin Simcock, of Bread and Flowers, says: “We found Olia through the very generous Jack Adair Bevan, mixologist at the Ethicurean restaurant. She is a complete red hot ticket around food circles in London these days.”

On Sunday, March 26, chef Tim Wilson will be kicking off ‘Slow Sundays’ (2-6pm) which will be repeated from time to time throughout the year.

Martin says: “Tim produced an epic Game fest here at B&F HQ about five years ago, this time round he’s going to be cooking up eight or nine, delicious, Spanish/North African influenced dishes over a four hour Sunday lunch, all sponsored by the amazing Isle of Wight Distillery who will be serving a welcoming Mermaids G&T to all comers.”

Tickets are £55 per head. For more information or to book a ticket call 01722 326581 or visit