I WAS most saddened to read the letter in which Phil Edmonds inferred (via a third party quote) that “local politicians” had been wined and dined in support of the Old Sarum Airfield regeneration programme, during the fundraising event for the Parachute Regiment (SOPR) on Sunday, May 11 (Postbag , May 22).

I believe that there were only two Wiltshire councillors in attendance, myself and Jane Scott, leader of council, and as such I must assume Mr Edmonds was directing his remarks at us.

As someone who served in the British Army for 25 years, a military parachutist and who worked with the 3rd Battalion of the Parachute Regiment on a number of occasions including active service, I was there to support our brave servicemen and women who put their lives on the line to defend this country on a daily basis.

Cllr Scott was there to represent Wiltshire Council and line up beside the Armed Forces Minister and Prince Michael of Kent, who were also in attendance to support our military personnel.

During the few hours I was at Old Sarum nobody made mention of any proposed development in any shape or form; it was all about supporting our brave soldiers.

As for being “wined and dined”, I hardly think a small sliver of cheese flan and a half glass of sparkling water matches such an eloquent description, but I did have a nice cup of tea and a biscuit in the afternoon.

On the day I donated £100 pounds to the Parachute Regiment welfare charity and now that I have shown Mr Edmonds shocking accusations to be baseless, may I suggest a matching donation from him to the same charity in the way of an apology?

Cllr Chris Devine, Winterslow Division