I READ with concerned interest the plan to close roads around the Harnham schools during the school run.

I like many parents conduct the school run with military precision each morning to negotiate the traffic and complete my commute to work in Southampton.

In doing so I do not willfully break the law or act in a dangerous manner when driving or parking my car yet for the few who do, and they know who they are, we are all to suffer with road closures making our daily commute more challenging.

There are laws to tackle these offenders and these are what should be used to control the problem not more restrictions.

I also suggest that Cllr Brian Dalton take a look in Hollows Close before 8am and observe the number of residents who also park on the pavements, blocking them, and suggest that some of the problem is exaggerated by this.

Moving the problem elsewhere won’t solve it; with 630 children across both schools there are always going to be a lot of cars dropping off.

The suggested alternatives, the cricket field and Old Blandford Rd, are already full or almost are, and could not accommodate the extra cars currently parked in Parsonage Green and Hollows Close.

The 'catchment' area for the schools spread further afield each time a new housing development is approved and the schools grow.

It’s a privilege for me to walk my son to school on my day off, once a week that we both enjoy but I could not do this and commute to work each day.

We are encouraged to return to work after having children but actions like this don't make it easier for the working mums (or dads!).

Lynn McLachlan, Harvard Heights, Salisbury