A FILM producer from Salisbury has landed a top job on a movie alongside Hollywood legend Martin Scorsese, on the back of a film he shot for just £2,000 in his home city.

Dean Mitchell, 30, completed a film production course at Wiltshire College Salisbury less than two years ago, but his work on low budget film Soft Touch so impressed the professionals that he has been propelled into the big time.

“It’s really crazy,” he said. “No one expected it. I only left college 18 months ago.

“It seems to have happened so quickly, suddenly I’m in London doing readthroughs with all these people I had looked up to. It is one of the highlights of my life.”

He will be lead producer on the film Tomorrow, which deals with issues including HIV and soldiers with posttraumatic stress disorder.

Scorsese is executive producer and his script supervisor, Martha Pinson, is directing. The opportunity for Mitchell came about after he met actor, writer and producer Stuart Brennan at the British Independent Film Festival in 2010.

“He told me to come back when I had something to show him,” said Mitchell, who lives in Milton Road, Salisbury.

He did what he was advised, going away and making Soft Touch alongside writer/director Robin S Boyd, whom he met at college.

They shot the film around Salisbury and Mitchell showed the finished project to Brennan, who was so impressed he offered him the chance to work on ideas for Tomorrow.

Scorsese was also impressed with Mitchell’s proposal and he signed a contract to executive produce the film about six months ago.

Mitchell is travelling to New York next month to meet Scorsese and will begin working with his team.

The film is expected to be filmed in London in May and released next year.