COMMUNITY group Tidworth Mums will be helping people across the country to better integrate civilian and military communities with the launch of a new DVD.

A launch event was held on Friday, celebrating what the group has achieved in the last 18 months, with a screening of the DVD and entertainment from Showoff Dance.

Tidworth Mums was established in March last year, following the Wiltshire Voices project by Wiltshire Council. They run four toddler groups each week and organise community events, as well as maintaining a website, facebook page and Twitter account.

They were invited to Whitehall this March to give a presentation about who they are and what they do, from which came the idea of creating DVD to distribute to other garrison towns that may want to recreate the Tidworth Mums model.

The group filmed the short DVD in August with a charity called Fixers. Chairman Vikkie Thomas said: “We want to help spread the message about what we are doing to integrate the civilian and military communities in our garrison town. “We want to show people how we are welcoming all newcomers to our community, all while combating negative and derogatory stereotypes of military wives.”