I have a bit of a problem with Costa... by which I mean that I go in there so regularly, the staff now look at me and say "your usual?" and I get terribly embarrassed and think to myself I really shouldn't drink so much coffee.

I was queueing up on Tuesday morning and found myself gazing out of the window at the market. It seemed different... lighter. I couldn't figure out what it was at first but eventually I realised: ever since Costa has been there, ever since I was a little girl wandering about the market holding my dad's hand on a Saturday morning, the path that went along between the market and the buildings of Butcher Row was always dark because the stalls all backed onto the buildings. In many places this left nothing but a tight, dark alley way - as if you were creeping down a back street in the centre of the city.

I know the market square is not finished yet, so there is presumably less space for stalls than there was before... but the way the stalls are set out right now seems more agreeable. To me, any way. There seems to be more space, and the layout means one is more inclined to wander around the different stalls and pay attention to what is there, rather than "just nip to the same fruit & vege stall I've used for years, then go home." It's also easier to get around. There seems to be more space on the paths between the stalls.

Since the market has been moved around, I've discovered stalls I didn't know we had here. Yes, that's probably my own fault for never exploring properly, but a crowded market on a Saturday morning is not really much of a fun time for a toddler in a pushchair - or the mother trying to negotiate around the stalls and people! 

Once the square is finished, will the new layout remain? Or will it go back to a couple of almost-straight rows and some random stalls at the top? Personally, I prefer it as it is now. What do you think?