RESIDENTS in Ringwood claim a super cycle and pedestrian path and car park planned to spruce up the entrance to the town would be in the wrong place and lacks car parking spaces.

Members of Ringwood Town Council debated the New Forest District Council scheme to add the pathway at the bottom of a grass bank, which is to be turned into a car park between Moorland Gate and north of Willow Way on Christchurch Road.

Currently residents are parking cars on top of a grass bank outside houses and the district council introduced the scheme, which was first mooted two years ago, to formalise parking on the patch.

Resident Mia Urwin said: “Residents are in favour of improvements to the entrance of Ringwood; however the concern is that this would be at their expense, with fewer spaces provided.

“What is proposed would be inadequate for the number of houses.”

Resident Mr Scott queried the location of the cycle path, suggesting that it could run from New Street, behind the Wellworthy site and out of the nearby service road.

He said: “Residents do want the area tidied up, but the proposal for 52 spaces for 40-plus properties is inadequate.”

Resident Lindsay Warren said: “Cars are being parked anywhere at the moment, there are access issues and non-residents are parking there in order to car share to work.

“I believe residents’ permits should be allocated and that the cycle path should be behind the trees.”

Elaine and Mark Webb said: “Lorries block access to our property and more cars will cause further congestion. The verge is not wide at this point, but the parking should be tidied up for aesthetic reasons and to give residents a proper place to park.”

Ringwood Town Council clerk Jo Stannard said the council had asked the district council for another public meeting.

She said: “Everyone wants to see the area looking better because it really is not a nice entrance to the town. The car parking does need to be formalised and a cycle pathway would link the area to the town centre.

“However we are supporting the residents who live at the northern section near Willow Way, because of their concerns about the design and the number of car parking spaces.”

New Forest District and Ringwood town councillor Jeremy Heron said: “We have produced a proposal that is pretty close to what was accepted by the majority present at a previous residents’ meeting.

“We are aware of the request and concerns but if we can amend the scheme to take account of the comments received, another public meeting may not be necessary.”