A MOTHER and campaigner with serious health problems is taking on a gruelling 100k walk to help families in crisis.

Jessica McCarnun, who runs a support group for people affected by the Government’s bedroom tax, decided to take on the Grand Union Challenge – a 100k walk along Britain’s longest waterway, the Grand Union Canal, on June 28 and 29.

The mother-of-four, who has a nerve damage condition called occipital neuralgia, has been given the green light to take part by her GP and wants to raise money for a charity called The Biscuit Fund.

The charity is an anonymous army of about 50 volunteers, mainly on low incomes themselves, who are dedicated to doing whatever they can to help people in crisis. It’s called the Biscuit Fund because of the amount spent by Government ministers on biscuits. Last year, health ministers alone spent £100,000 on tea and biscuits in six months while making savage cuts to the NHS.

It doesn’t receive applications but its army scours Facebook and local papers to find people in need and agree by majority vote who to help. There are no admin costs so all the money goes to those who most need it.

Ms McCarnun has helped lots of families through the support group Bedroom Tax – Tell Us Your Story but feels she can’t reach enough people. “I can’t reach everyone that’s coming to me for help but the Biscuit Fund can reach people I can’t. I didn’t just want to do a 10k, I thought I’d go to the extreme.

“I’m a bit scared but I’ve been training for weeks and slowly building myself up.”

A member of admin staff at the support group agreed to do it with her and they are hoping to raise £2,500.

To donate go to justgiving.com/Jessica-mccarnun or to find out more about the charity go to theBiscuitFund.org.