A NEW endurance event will be launched at a Rockbourne farm on Saturday, October 25.

The HQrecon event at Tenantry Farm requires participants to be physically fit as well as strategic thinkers.

HQrecon will be a military-inspired endurance event, which is being launched after several successful “secret” events.

The aim of the game is to infiltrate as many “zones” as possible within a 3.5-hour time limit, to collect intelligence codes located within each zone.

Each code collected equals points, however, “the hunters” – professionally-trained security personnel – are out to get you – get caught in a zone and you lose your points and are sentenced to a 15-minute military-style circuit training session led by an ex-Royal Marine.

Due to the open fields and sparse woodlands at Tenantry Farm the event will be held at night.

Players will compete for the cash prizes awarded to first, second and third place, which could be up to £4,000 for the winner. HQrecon events can be entered as a team or an individual. Enter as a team, and you can strategise and earn points together, however zones will be allocated individually.

Tickets start from £69 per person. To find out more go to www.HQrecon.com