A MOTHER and her son were injured in a vicious dog attack in Amesbury.

Melanie Nightingale suffered serious bites on her arms and had to spend two days in hospital after she was bitten while she tried to protect her eight-year-old son Taylor from the animal.

The dog, described as a mastiff cross-breed, also bit Taylor’s leg, although he was not badly hurt.

Taylor was out playing with friends in Solstice Rise, Amesbury, on Saturday lunchtime when the dog attacked |him.

“There were about three children playing outside on their scooters when the dog ran up and knocked Taylor to the ground,” said his grandmother Zaina Pearce.

“Taylor was closest to it and the dog just went for him.

“Melanie saw what was going on, ran out of the house and flung herself on top of Taylor to protect him.

“But the animal savaged her. It bit her arm very badly.”

Mrs Nightingale was taken to Salisbury District Hospital for emergency treatment.

She was put on a drip in case of infection and was not able to return home until Monday.

“She’s very shaken up and upset by what happened,” added Mrs Pearce.

“Taylor has been very brave. Kids are tough, but it was a nasty thing to happen and what if it happens again?

“This was a big powerful dog and a very frightening thing to happen.”

Wiltshire Police were informed about the attack.