Local Hero Awards 2014

THE emergency team at Salisbury District Hospital were the undisputed winners of the Emergency Services Award.

The team, which acts as a single unit comprising everyone from the cleaners to those on the front line, work in the most difficult of circumstances, with long shifts and anti-social hours.

They deal with people from all walks of life in their time of need and as Salisbury’s catchment area grows larger, the department is dealing with much bigger numbers, and currently with no extra staff. Despite this, the staff are almost always smiling.

Lead nurse Nickola Amin, who accepted the award with lead clinician Dr Jackie Lynch, said: “We are very fortunate that the local area really supports us and everyone is on our side.

“It’s been a very challenging time for us – we have never been so busy and there are not enough resources, people are working very long hours and under a lot of pressure.

“This award will be a real boost to the team.”

Dr Lynch added: “Everyone’s going to be thrilled – they are a brilliant team.

“It’s a really nice friendly team and I’m proud of everyone who all work very hard and still keep their sense of humour.”