A NEW business venture launched near Salisbury is building up a following and is thought to be the UK’s first online LEGO rental club.

WeLoveBricks, based in West Tytherley, was set up by Hampshire mother Lucilla Carr, who was inspired by her LEGOfanatic son Charlie.

After spending a small fortune on LEGO sets to satisfy her son’s craving for new models to build, Lucilla set out to find a way of offering fans the chance to build new models without breaking the bank.

WeLoveBricks was soon born and the business, which is operated online, allows members to rent and play with as much LEGO as they like for a monthly subscription of £7.99.

Members are invited to create their own wish list by choosing sets from its online catalogues and once they have finished playing with them they send it on to another member.

“As far as we know WeLoveBricks is the only LEGO rental club in the UK. In addition we believe it is the only rental service in the world to use this new business model of transferring the product directly from customer to customer,” says Lucilla.

“LEGO is now the world’s most popular toy and has been enjoying a huge revival in 2014, fuelled by the success of the LEGO Movie, so this is the perfect time to launch WeLoveBricks. Parents are eager to teach children the importance of sharing and looking after their toys, and just as keen to save money by renting rather than buying. So we are keeping the subscription price affordable and in line with their children’s pocket money budget.”

The WeLoveBricks catalogue currently features more than 60 LEGO sets. This new business venture has big ambitions for the future and plans to donate five per cent of its profits to children’s charities twice a year.

Members will be asked to vote for their preferred charity.

Find out more by visiting welovebricks.com.