THE Prime Minister has today described the 2.9km A303 tunnel plan as an “unstoppable force” during his visit to Stonehenge.

David Cameron in an interview with the Journal he also claimed a victory for the campaigners who have worked tirelessly on the issue.

He said: “This is the green light and it is going to happen, the money is there, we have managed the nation’s budgets so we can afford to do this.

“The whole of the expressway is going to be really important for economy and jobs in the region.

“The difference [between now and when the 2.1km tunnel was discarded in 2007] is that this time we are making the Highways Agency independent with their own budget so it will be far harder for any future politicians to change their mind.

“There is real consensus for this to go ahead. We have English Heritage and National Trust behind it this time which wasn’t always the case. This project now has unstoppable force.

“I have pushed the button and they can start spending the money straight away.

“Full credit to the campaigners because you need to work hard to push these items up the news agenda because they are very expensive.”