I WAS very interested to see the article (Journal, December 4) about the Fovant Badges and the new white poppy to commemorate the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War.

I grew up very close to the badges and as a child they became so familiar on trips to Salisbury I almost didn't notice them. My own children are now fascinated by them so it has re-ignited my own interest and made me realise – especially this year in particular – how important they are. The Fovant Badge Society does a fantastic job in maintaining the Fovant Badges, but sadly they do not have the funds to include the Sutton and Compton badges located close by.

I feel it is a great shame some of these original badges, including YMCA (excluded from current maintenance due to it being non-military), cannot be saved for future generations instead of paying to create a new one. We are watching with interest the work being started by local supporters in reinstating the Sutton Badges – the 'Shiny Seventh' City of London and Warwickshire Regiment but sadly the Map of Australia badge on Compton Down has virtually disappeared.

My family and I recently walked onto the site of Australia and were thrilled to find its outline, although it was very indistinct and cannot be seen at all from the A30.

After much searching we were also able to find Tasmania and even managed to see the rough shapes of the letters spelling Australia, but these will be lost forever soon. I am wondering if there are any plans to at least mark out the outline of this map so it could be reinstated in future?

My family and I are in the process of becoming members of the Fovant Badge Society and will be giving our support to the Sutton Down group, too.

I would urge other readers to please do the same so we can together save all the original badges and suitably mark this year's important anniversary.

Helen Roberts