A LARGE bird was found on the run in the West Moors area of East Dorset.

The RSPCA is trying to track down the owner of the Rhea, which was found yesterday (Thursday).
The large bird, similar to an ostrich, was found roaming in the area, and appears to be well and uninjured but no one has been able to get close enough to be sure.
The rhea was found trapped between two lines of fencing and after being carefully herded to safety, is now being held on a farm in the area.
RSPCA staff are monitoring the bird while searching for where it might have come from and are very keen to reunite it with its owner as soon as possible.
RSPCA animal welfare officer Sue Brooks said: “I’ve been an officer for over ten years and I’ve never seen a rhea in the area! We’ve had wallabies before, but this is a new one.
“We are very keen to trace the owner as soon as possible to return the bird to its rightful home.
“If anyone in the West Moors area owns rheas we are asking them to count them and check if any have escaped as soon as they can.

“We have contacted the police and vets but we still haven't managed to find the owner.”

Anyone who knows where the rhea may have come from should contact the RSPCA inspector line on 0300 123 8018.