A WAR on litter has been declared by Wiltshire Council, but before they launch a campaign they want to enlist individuals, businesses and community groups.

Leader of the Council Jane Scott said she was “fed up” with way some people are treating the county’s streets and roadsides and she has pledged to clean up as many of the eyesores as she can.

She was speaking after the Journal highlighted a trail of rubbish on the verges of the A36 and recent letters to this newspaper’s postbag complaining about the increasing amount of roadside litter.

Councillor Scott said: “There are some areas where it is the responsibility of others, but I am not going to wait for us to win the argument with them. What I want to do is get to work as soon as I can, but at the same time make sure I have the backing of as many people as possible to keep these places tidy.

“It absolutely disgusts me the way some people behave. And yes the council can put its teams to work, but you have to remember that for every pound spent on picking up litter there is a pound not being spent on something else the council is responsible for.”

She invited members of the public to come forward with a name for the campaign. “We want as much buy-in as we can get. There needs to be pride in the places we live and work.

“We want businesses to take responsibility for the areas around them and we want communities in smaller areas to work together.

“Obviously, it is important that people stay safe and if they want our help with equipment then we will be happy to supply, but our message is ‘it’s your litter, so stop it’.”

One area the council itself will focus on is the fast food outlets and garages that have meal deals. Councillor Scott said: “We have done some research ourselves and we have identified these as offending areas.

“Sandwich wrappers and drink bottles are a particular problem. We will clean up now, but we need to educate people not to do it in the first place. We need to get people re-engaged.”

There is a prize on offer for the person who comes up the best name for the campaign. Submissions should be sent to communications@wiltshire.gov.uk . The deadline is Friday 15 May 2015. Individuals or groups wishing to get involved in the campaign should email the same address.