SALISBURY REDS will revise the network for its bus routes across the region from Sunday 31 May.

The operator is to take over operation of the bus services to all five park and ride sites in and around the city.

Salisbury Reds managing director Andrew Wickham said: “Current economic conditions make this a particularly challenging time for bus operators across the whole of the UK. But we have listened to our customers, invested more than £1.7 million, and are pleased to be providing improved services.

“Our team has been doing a tremendous job, since taking over many of the city’s park and ride services. And now we are extending that offering.

“We have been working closely with Wiltshire Council, not only to safeguard this essential facility - but to further enhance our other services here too.”

Horace Prickett, portfolio holder for public transport at Wiltshire Council, said: “This contract will help us safeguard important services in the Salisbury area.”

Key changes to the Salisbury Reds timetable include renaming Red 3, which will become PR3 to include the Wilton Road park and ride site. Red 7 will be withdrawn - with the Bishopdown Farm section to be operated by PR7 and the Devizes Road section will be covered by the brand new Red 10. The 674 service will also be extended to and from the city centre to replace Red 7 journeys that currently go via Ford.

Summary of changes:

Red 1: Adjustments to running times to improve reliability; Red 2 Change to route and times. All journeys re-routed via St Marks Avenue instead of London Road. Monday to Saturday evening services will still go via Bishopdown Farm and Laverstock. This service will pick up from Blue Boar Row in the evening as well as Endless Street; Red 3 Is replaced by PR3, except on Sundays when the existing hourly service will continue to operate as now; Red 4 Change to pick up point in city centre. Will now go from Endless Street stop B; Red 5 Frequency changing to half hourly. The evening service will also pick up from Blue Boar Row; Red 6 Reduction in early morning and late afternoon frequency. However, half hourly service is maintained between 9pm-2pm, Monday to Friday. There will also be a change to route as it will come into the city via Milford Hill. This will now go from Endless Street stop C; Red 7 Service is withdrawn. The Bishopdown Farm section of this route is replaced with the new PR7. The Devizes Road section will be replaced with new route Red; 10; Red 8 Minor timetable changes to improve reliability. Red 10 New route, Monday to Saturday, replacing Devizes Road end of Red 7. Generally hourly, but half hourly between 10am and 2pm on weekdays. Hourly on Saturdays. Will go from New Canal stop R Activ 8 8.25pm, 9.35pm and 11.25pm leaving Salisbury will divert into Beehive park and ride upon request; X3 5.57am and 6.42am from Ringwood will also service Britford Park and Ride; X5 5.30am from Pewsey will also serve Beehive park and ride. 7.05pm, 8.05pm and 10.45pm from Salisbury will divert into Beehive park and ride upon request; 666 Afternoon journey will start from Laverstock School instead of Exeter Street; 674 Will be extended to/from city centre to replace the Red7 journeys that currently go via Ford; 2 Will now go from stop R in New Canal; 87 The journeys that go via Bishopdown Farm will be replaced by extended journeys on the PR7

Park and ride services:

Beehive. Old route 501 - new route PR11; The first X5 from Pewsey will serve the site in the morning and last three X5s and Active 8s will divert here on request in the evening; Wilton. Old route 502 - new route PR3[ PR3 also replaces the current Red 3. There will be a new outbound bus stop sited by the garden centre at Wilton House. It will operate from New Canal stop S. This will mean a service increase for residents of the Wilton area, now every 15 minutes. And this route is ideal for the new college UTC - which is due to open in September. As it replaces Red, it will stop at every stop along Wilton Road; Britford Old route 503 - new route PR3 Will service all stops along the route. The first two X3s will also go via the site in the morning.

London Road. Old route 504 - new route PR7

This service will continue beyond the park and ride site to serve the Bishopdown Farm and new Hampton Park housing estates. There will be a new bus stop in London Road just before the garage for customers returning to the park and ride.

Petersfinger. Old route 505 - new route PR15 Services at all stops along the route.

All Salisbury zone fares will be valid on park and ride services. There will also be the usual park and ride fares which will eventually be available on the key. Any current paper park and ride tickets, such as the 120 single trips, will be valid until they have expired.

For more information about the services - including timetables and ticket prices, please visit