Solstice celebrations were quieter than expected this year with nowhere near the predicted 40,000 visitors descending on the Stones.

Police said the night passed in "a positive and peaceful manner" as around 23,000 people turned up to see the sunrise.

Superintendent Gavin Williams, who led the policing operation, said: “Solstice 2015 has been a great success with approximately 23,000 people celebrating at Stonehenge in the positive, friendly atmosphere as they waited for the sunrise.

"This year the crowds were able to see the sun as it appeared over the horizon, before it disappeared under low cloud.

“There have been a lower number of arrests compared with previous years at Stonehenge, nine people were taken into custody mainly in relation to drugs offences.

"We issued 31 cannabis street warnings, issued five cautions for possession of a class A drug and made 43 drugs seizures.

"The majority of people respected the conditions of entry and the amnesty bins provided were used. As with previous years, the passive drugs dogs proved very effective.

“The success of the event depends largely on the good nature of those attending and we are pleased that people could enjoy Solstice in the spirit of the event.”

There were no arrests made at Avebury.

Arrests made on the night include:

1 x assault on police officer

2 x drunk and disorderly

1 x possession of a weapon (modified Allen Key)

2 x possession with intent to supply class B drugs

1 x drunk and disorderly and intent to supply class B drugs

2 x possession of class B

And there were 3 x class A reported for summons to court.