THESE beautiful pictures of a smiling baby girl from Ringwood with Down’s Syndrome have become an online sensation after they were shared on social media.

The professional photos were taken by newborn photographer Katy Hibberd, who owns Poole-based studio Amor-Amor. She said she “couldn’t believe it” when six-week-old Florence Witt arrived for her shoot and gave a stunning smile for the camera.

“I’ve been a newborn photographer for three years now, but this is just amazing. The pictures had over 35,000 likes and 11,000 shares in less than 17 hours on Facebook - and it’s not slowing down. Last time I checked there were over 120,000 people from across the world liking the photos.”

She added that it takes a lot of patience getting the perfect shot of newborn babies.

“It’s pot luck if you can grab a smile from one. When they’re sleeping they sometimes give a little smile, or I give their cheek a tickle.

“I’ve never photographed a baby with Down’s Syndrome before and I was surprised to see Florence with this massive grin on her face.

“I said to the mother it would be great to show the lovely comments people have left on the pictures to Florence one day.”

Her mother, Kathryn, 26, said she loved the pictures of her daughter, especially as they were raising so much awareness about the condition.

“I absolutely love the photos. Florence is a blessing and I wouldn’t change her for the world. She is pure sunshine. Katy captured the moment of her smiling perfectly," said Kathryn.

“When people see the photos they see her for what she is – a little girl. She’s not Down’s Syndrome. She’s Florence.”

Kathryn went on to praise a local charity her daughter belongs to, called Downright Perfect.

She said: “They support parents who have children with Down’s Syndrome and they are just brilliant. They meet twice a month and pay for music and sensory sessions with the children.