MORE than 70 adults and children have been evacuated from a travellers site' in Salisbury after a bomb was found in a car. A specialist bomb disposal team is currently at the site in Odstock Road with police officers on the scene.

It is understood the bomb was in the car on the site for a week.

Daniel King said: "I bought an estate car for parts and found this package in the back with blue tack stuff on - I thought it was blue tack but it turned out to be an explosive.

"I was supposed to be at a tractor show today and was talking to a man there about it and he said I should get back here because it sounded like an explosive.

"It's been here for a week like that."

Rosie said: "If it had gone off, the whole site could have gone up.

"We were scared - half went onto a bus which came past and the other half waited outside."

Police Sergeant John Hutchings said a team from the Explosive Ordnance Disposal were on site and had asked for a 100 metre cordon while they investigate.

He said: "They have confirmed they are dealing with explosives. However, we don't believe that it has any link with terrorism.

"I'd like to thank the public for their patience and be assured their safety is our concern right now and we will resolve the situation as soon as possible."

Between 70 and 100 people were evacuated from Oak Tree Field after police received a call about the bomb at 3pm this afternoon.

Around 15 police officers are on the scene.

* UPDATE: It is understood the bomb has now been taken away by the specialist bomb disposal team with everyone allowed back onto the site after more than four hours at just after 7.30pm.