A CROP circle artist living in Salisbury is the inspiration for a feature film coming out next month which sheds light on the mysterious phenomenon.

Terry first became a circle maker in 2000 and says his art is a blend of surveying techniques and extra-terrestrial involvement.

Carried out in secret under the cover of darkness, a team spends up to five hours creating the crop formations ranging in size from 250ft to 1,600ft.

Terry, who does not wish to reveal his surname, used to live on a narrowboat on the Kennet and Avon Canal, and has been coming to Wiltshire for years. He admits not all farmers appreciate his work.

“Sometimes we get permission from farmers but it’s not always the case. Some farmers don’t mind as long as it doesn’t happen too much,” he said.

“They will put a money box in for when visitors come to see it because it goes towards covering the cost of the damage in the field or put the money towards charity.

“Some say it’s ok because they know how much money it brings in tourism to the local area.”

In recent weeks crop circles have appeared in fields near Stoford, Stonehenge, Nunton and Winterbourne Stoke. At the weekend one – close to the Black Sun symbol associated with Nazism – appeared near Bowerchalke.

According to the Temporary Temples website, while the symbol has courted “understandable controversy”, the creators prefer it to be seen as a sun wheel and that it would be “wrong to label or censor the design” allowing people to “ponder its possible meaning”.

Terry would not be drawn on whether he is linked to them. 

The film production company, Elephant Features, approached Terry five years ago wanting to explore the human stories behind the circle makers.

“The main character in the film is based on my life and the pivotal moments that have led me into becoming a crop circle maker and why I do what I do,” he said.

“My son, Jack, acts in it himself and his music also features. “Other entities are involved in what we do.

"It’s something that comes out of my darkness but when it comes to the end of it, it gives people a lot of light.”

A special preview of the film, In Circles, will be at The Chapel Nightclub, Salisbury on September 12. Doors open at 7pm. The film starts at 8pm.

Tickets are £5 on the door. There will be a Q&A session with the producers after the film.