A PARK manager in Downton who helped to transform the area over two decades has retired after 22 years.

Neville Jennings stepped down as Downton Moot’s site manager at the 27th annual general meeting of the Downton Moot Preservation Trust, which was held in conjunction with the Friends of Downton Moot AGM at the White Horse last Thursday.

Mr Jennings has been responsible for maintaining the grounds , including upkeep of the pond, pathways and trees, since 1993, when he took over from Tom Carroll,who became the Moot’s first manager when it came into the trust’s ownership in 1988.

He has also been responsible for recruiting and training all the volunteers, who have helped in the site over the years.

“It was in a pretty horrible state because we hadn’t had it long,” he recalls. It’s taken lots of years and We couldn’t have done it without the volunteers.

But I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it and love seeing people come into the Moot. It’s a beautiful place and I hope more people come and see it.”

Moot Trust chairman Charles Greville-Heygate said: “Neville’s hard work and dedication over the years have transformed the Moot into what it is today and we’re deeply grateful to him.

”Mr Jennings was presented with a photograph album of images of the Moot across the years.

He will remain as a trustee of the Moot and will act in an advisory capacity to Jeremy Parsons, who has taken over the role.