A MAN who was left shaken after rockets exploded close to his house on fireworks night says the event is "out of control".

Matthew Brignall, from West Harnham, heard "huge explosions" in his garden and found the debris of three rockets left behind, one having nearly smashed the glass in his sun lounge.

He said: "I know people have to have fireworks but it just seems they are getting bigger and bigger, louder and louder.

"The ones that fell into my garden were possibly display fireworks that had been sold privately. The capsules containing the gunpowder were about six inches wide while the sticks were about four foot long.

"Two landed just in front of the extension and one landed 20cm from the actual glass of the sun lounge.

"They could have caused a lot of damage, they're a menace."

The rockets landed in Mr Brignall's garden on the night of November 5.

Mr Brignall, who is a carer for his 86-year-old father, said: "It concerns me greatly that someone will be injured or have their property damaged.

"Something has to be done, it's a safety issue.

"It's no longer a night of fireworks but a week before, and after, November 5.

"On Remembrance Sunday, it was non-stop as well, maybe they were trying to recreate the Battle of the Somme.

"I'm not a killjoy, I don't want people not to have them.

"It's a fantastic night but things like this are too much."

Trading Standards issue licences for premises storing explosives which allows fireworks to be sold during the four seasonal occasions:

October 15 to November 10 inclusive

December 26 to 31 inclusive

The first day of the Chinese New Year and the three days immediately preceding it

The first day of Diwali and the three days immediately preceding it

To sell fireworks all year round a further £500 fireworks suppliers licence is required.