A TRADITIONAL fudge shop has opened in Salisbury.

Roly’s Fudge Pantry, which is next to High Street Gate, opened its doors this morning, with Mayor Andrew Roberts cutting the ribbon.

Run by former food journalists, Sarah Orton and Steven Jones, passers-by will be able to watch the fudge being cooked in copper cauldrons, poured onto a marble slab and then turned and aerated using a traditional fudge paddle.

Sarah, who has previously been the editor of a baking magazine and published a novel called Tummy Love last year, said: "You could either call it a mid-life crisis or a wonderful new challenge.

"We first tasted a square of Roly's fudge when we were in Brighton looking to buy some for our son. It was probably five years ago and we both said, we want to run a Roly's fudge shop.

"Fudge unfortunately has a bad reputation because of the mass-produced factory fudge that sits in cardboard boxes and is very waxy.

"Everything is made here in very small batches with fresh, top quality ingredients, locally sourced where possible.

"It's crumbly but melts in the mouth.

"We are really excited to be here and would really like to thank the people of Salisbury that have already been very supportive from the builders to those popping in as we've been setting up to say good luck."

The couple, from Kent, used to run a food PR company, and have worked alongside chefs such as Raymond Blanc and Gordon Ramsay.

“We have relatives in south Wiltshire and had already fallen in love with Salisbury, it just took us several years to find the perfect place and this is it, right by the historic arch to the cathedral," Sarah said.

"It's lovely for locals who enjoy shopping in the High Street but also for tourists to have a real taste of English fudge."

The Salisbury shop is the 25th Roly’s Fudge Pantry to open in the UK. In addition to their own full-time posts at the shop, Sarah and Steven have taken on three part-time members of staff.

It will be open from 10am to 5pm seven days a week.