INNOVATIVE ‘smart’ technology could improve rail travel through Salisbury.

Barnbrook Systems Ltd, based in Fareham, is supplying BlueCube wireless sensors for remote condition monitoring of onboard systems - including a new contract to improve the operation of doors on selected trains from Cardiff to Portsmouth Harbour.

The sensors and accompanying iSense software can track nearly any function on a train in real-time to make sure it keeps running efficiently. It also flags up issues before they turn into major failures which could lead to cancellations, delays or safety problems.

The system is already being used or trialled to monitor heating and ventilation systems, engine performance, water and sanitation systems and brake control systems on trains.

Barnbrook is involved in a project with Great Western Railway to improve the operation of carriage doors. BlueCube’s cutting-edge sensors will monitor opening and closing times of every door at every stop, allowing depot managers to precisely pinpoint faulty or slow doors so they can carry out repairs and improve punctuality, reliability and safety.

The first devices will be fitted on selected trains between Cardiff and Portsmouth Harbour via Bristol, Bath and Salisbury, as well as Weymouth to Worcester Shrub and Great Malvern.