VILLAGERS are rallying together to try to save their local pub from closure.

People living in Great Wishford are fighting for the future of The Royal Oak, their last community asset.

Following a well-attended village meeting, a group of volunteers is seeking a way of running the business as a community venture.

More than 20 inhabitants have pledged money to support the effort.

Tom Brannan, chairman of the volunteer group, said: “We lost our shop and post office some years ago so The Royal Oak is all we have left.

“The freeholder has already converted parts of it into rental flats and we are concerned that the rest will go the same way.

“Village pubs continue to close at a disturbing rate, often taking part of the heart of the village with them. Wishfordians fear it could happen to them.”

Tim said volunteers were optimistic they could raise the funds needed to refurbish the pub and make it an attractive proposition a new tenant to work with the village to create a thriving business.

“It’s a lovely old pub with a great history and in a beautiful village,” said Mr Brannan.

The village continues to seek funds and would like to talk to prospective tenants. Those interested in contributing or in running the pub should contact Tom Brannan at