A SENIOR druid who believes he is a reincarnation of King Arthur is at loggerheads with Facebook after the social media site deleted his account.

King Arthur Pendragon was told by the company that he was not a real person despite sending them a copy of his driving licence and passport proving his name — which he legally changed in 1986.

After sending the documents an employee at Facebook's help centre said "the ID you provided isn't real". He was told to reply with "valid ID".

It is the sixth time King Arthur says he has been forced to create a new account and claims they are deleted after "malicious" complaints.

The druid leader says that Facebook "steadfastly refuse to believe I am Arthur Pendragon".

"It is crazy," he said. "Every time they delete my account I lose all of my contacts.

"It is ironic because it means every time I'm forced to open a new one in a fake name.

"But all of this is not going to stop me campaigning against English Heritage."

"I would love to know how many other people locally have had the same problem as me," he added.

King Arthur was born John Timothy Rothwell and has long fought English Heritage over access to Stonehenge during the summer and winter solstice.

He is currently battling against plans to ban alcohol and charge for parking during the celebrations.

For now he has set-up a new account under the name of Arthur Rex but has promised to "bounce back" from the decision. However he hopes Facebook will allow him to reopen the account which he uses to keep in touch with other druids.

Facebook have been approached for comment but told the Journal an investigation is ongoing.