A MAN whose car burst into flames in Amesbury this morning says he is lucky to be alive.

Firefighters were called to Evergreen Way at just before 5.30am and found the car well alight.

Two crews, one from Salisbury and one from Amesbury, used two hoses to put out the fire.

The car's owner, Curtis Cox, posted on Facebook: "It waz totaly unexpected my porch waz on fire aswell as the car it was so close go my gas mains im. Lucky to be alive an so is my naibour." [sic]

Two nearby flats were heavily smoke-logged and fans were used to clear them.

One man burned his hand trying to put out the fire and was treated by paramedics at the scene.

Samantha Prince said she saw and heard the fire.

She wrote on Facebook: "Couldn't sleep was sat on sofa having a cuppa. When I heard a bang and saw orange. Went upstairs to look out of the kids bedrooms. But it was misty and looked like the street lights had gone on. Was a bit panicked as I thought a house was on fire  glad it was the car and not a family home. Still not nice for you." [sic]