DRUIDS blocked tourist coaches visiting Stonehenge today in the latest protest against plans to charge people to park at the summer solstice celebrations.

About a dozen druids, led by King Arthur Pendragon, walked back and forth across the road in the path of the coaches to stop them ferrying people from the visitor centre to the stones.

They were allowing disabled people, the elderly and children to be dropped off as normal.

Mr Pendragon said the "pop up protest" had thrown English Heritage into "turmoil".

"I suggested to the tourists that they ask for a refund," he said.

"English Heritage only care about money. If we can cost them money, then all the better."

It comes after plans to charge £15 per car for parking at the summer solstice were confirmed in April, prompting allegations that English Heritage were making people "pay to pray".

Mr Pendragon said: "I'm going to be there at the summer solstice but I'm not paying and I encourage everyone else to not pay as well."