A PEDAL organ from a Dorset church is to be transported thousands of miles on a mammoth journey by plane, road and boat to reach the home of the Ojaki tribe deep in the Bolivian jungle.

But this is only part of the next adventure for retired Ringwood dentist David Daniels who will be accompanying explorer Colonel John Blashford-Snell on an expedition with the Scientific Exploration Society.

Mr Daniels will join a team of around 40 scientists doctors and vets to search for an eight kilometre wide meterorite crater, possibly the site of the Earth's most recent big meteorite impact, and to study the double-nosed dog.

An earlier foray into the area in 2005 by the recce team resulted in the interesting discovery of a double nosed dog, then named Bella, at Okaji, for which there had been an earlier sighting in 1913.

Mr Daniels was featured in the Journal in January after previous trips to Bolivia and Mongolia and the launch of a campaign to send dental equipment to the two countries.

During these expeditions he had to remove teeth on the spot as locals emerged from the jungle.

He will continue to fix the teeth of the locals as expedition dentist on this next journey which leaves for Bolivia this month.

Mr Daniels told the Journal that the Bolivian Government had asked Col. Blashford-Snell to explore a meteorite crater spotted from space which showed up as a green patch on the brown land and might contain minerals or something of interest.

The nearest village, Ojaki, is 30km away and the poverty-stricken people there are deeply religious and have built a new church.

The church needs an organ and so a pedal organ donated by Milton Abbas church will soon be on its way to them.

Mr Daniels explained that the organ would have to be transported on a 15-metre long boat up the river for 500 miles.

He said: "We shall have to make sure we don't spill it!"

SES will also install a clean water supply supported by another British charity, "Just a Drop" and will re-equip the medical clinics on route.

He added that in return the Ojaki people would be cutting a swathe through the jungle to enable the team of explorers to reach the remote crater.

The intrepid dentist raised enough money on his last expedition to pay for dental equipment, but still needs to raise money to send to Mongolia.

He is giving talks around the area and friends and family have contributed.

Anyone who wishes to make a donation should contact Mr Daniels on 01425 474129.