ON June 29 a Salisbury group from Women against State Pension Inequality (WASPI) travelled to London to demonstrate outside the Houses of Parliament.

WASPI has been campaigning against changes to the state pension.

Salisbury WASPI group coordinator Linda Anderson said: "In 1995 and 2011, these changes were made with little and, for some ladies, no notice whatsoever.

"This has resulted in the WASPI campaign which has held four debates in Parliament to date.

"There is now a cross party group in which to hold government to account on the issues of transitional arrangements to compensate 1950s born women.

"Over 2,500 women attended this demo and travelled from all across the country, some even travelled from outside the UK to demonstrate.

"After the demo the WASPI co-founders had a meeting with Baroness Ros Altmann to discuss compensation proposals for women born in the 1950s.

"On June 29 in 1909 Emmeline Pankhurst marched to Parliament with hundreds of Suffragettes to present a petition to Prime Minister Asquith. We see ourselves as modern day Suffragettes."