A HOARD of 2,384 Roman coins, a medieval silver ring, a medieval silver spoon and a Roman silver brooch were all discovered in four different areas in Wiltshire.

The discoveries were declared treasure by coroner Claire Balysz during a series of treasure trove inquests at Salisbury Coroner's Court on Monday.

Russell Garman who has been a detectorist for 20 years was metal detecting in a Pewsey field in April 2014 when he uncovered the hoard of Roman bronze coins.

He said: "It was Easter Monday and quite early on in the day when I had a signal.

"It was hard digging and I almost gave up a couple of times.

"I was in disbelief - it's one of those things that doesn't happen to the likes of myself, but it did."

Sixty nine coins came out loose and a ceramic pot was lifted out in one block and then excavated at the British Museum - it contained more than 2,300 4th century coins.

Russell, from North Hampshire, was digging as part of a club dig with the Wessex Metal Detecting club.

"I know Roman coins when I see them so the coins in the pot are nothing new to me but the condition is much better than anything I have found before," he said.

"It was one of those days when there wasn't an awful lot of things to be found so everybody was happy to watch the dig.

"Wiltshire Museum in Devizes has expressed an interest in having the hoard so the next stage is to put a guide price on it."

The vessel had been buried in a small pit and covered with several large, roughly hewn limestone blocks.

Other recent finds include one in East Knoyle, where Barry Jones found a medieval silver spoon with a fig-shaped bowl and a pointed knop on June 26, 2014, while in Collingbourne Kingston, Norman Philips found a medieval silver finger ring on February 7, 2016.

And in All Cannings, Michael Hiscock found a Roman silver brooch on February 26, 2016.

Michael, who has been detecting for 15 years, is a member of the Trowbridge metal detecting club.

He said: "It 's the first time I have found anything substantial, it was quite exciting.

"I heard a nice 'ping', dug down and there was a crossbow brooch."