A HUGE crop circle - the size of two acres - has appeared in a farmer's field in Ansty.

Karren Price discovered the circle which is 100m in diameter after returning from a brief holiday with her family.

"We never go on holiday as we have the business and farm to run, but this year we decided to take a break," she said.

"As if by fate when we were away, this crop circle appeared and we have no idea who was behind it."

The recent work of art has sparked curiosity from across the county, and further afield.

"We have had visitors from all over the world who have heard about it, and it is unbelievable really."

The huge increase in visitors to both Ansty Farm and the shop has led to extra staff being recruited.

"We will need to employ more staff due to all of the extra demand, but what profits we make will go towards charity," she said.

This is not the first work of wonder to appear on Ansty Farm, with a maze previously being created much to the pleasure of visitors.

"People who came here had much fun when the maze was created.

"We actually made that but this time it has had nothing to do with us at all."

Fortunately for Karren, the massive circle has not critically damaged the crops.

"Whoever did it has done it very skilfully without causing too much damage.

"I'm not angry because it really is beautiful - I am just amazed at its appearance."

The wheat field has yet to be harvested so the crop circle can be still be seen.

For more information call 01747 829072.