THE MAN who has led a campaign to block the A303 tunnel plan and divert the road-building funds to a Salisbury by-pass has vowed to fight on.

Andy Rhind-Tutt, President of Salisbury and District Chamber of Commerce, says he is appalled at the latest announcement that has come without consultation.

He maintains that "a tunnel at Stonehenge is complete waste of money, will serve no tangible purpose, put a time bomb of irreversible destruction on one of the Worlds greatest untouched landscapes and will not in any way assist the dire traffic issues facing local business local people and trunk traffic trying to get around Salisbury and South Wiltshire."

Mr Rhind-Tutt, who came up with his own solution for the road system, which he hoped would go to inquiry said: "Stonehenge slows traffic on Fridays, weekends and bank holidays. It doesn't create the horrendous gridlocks we have on all the other A roads every day and all of this could easily be fixed with a Southern bypass, using the money pledged for a tunnel and opening up a much wider visitor experience as well as regenerating South Wiltshire."

Mr Rhind-Tutt has asked for the government's justification for "choosing a temporary destructive tunnel in place of a permanent wider bypass without any public or business consultation" and challenged Highways England for the business case that "shows how the installation of a tunnel and its life time running costs can possibly provide any return on investment when the funding available could do so much more."