TEENAGERS riding scooters on the roof of a clothes shop in the city centre have sparked safety concerns.

The boys, thought to be aged between 14 and 15, were spotted on the roof of New Look in Salisbury High Street at 2.50pm yesterday (Monday).

Staff reported them to the police but they had left by the time officers arrived.

Passer-by Vicky Charles said she saw two boys on the roof, one of whom was sitting down and dangling his legs over the edge, which she said was a "little unnerving"

"If he had leaned to one side he would have come off the side of the building," she said.

"He was sat right on the edge while the other was jumping around.

"I did think, shouldn't they be in school?"

Vicky questioned how good security was at the store if people were able to climb onto the roof so easily.

A spokesman for New Look said: "I’m afraid this is not something we are able to comment on."