A STANDLYNCH resident and co-founder of Salisbury's Spire FM Radio paid a visit to Buckingham Palace to collect an OBE for his services to the broadcasting industry.

Robert Stiby was awarded the medal after a successful broadcasting career, which began when he helped to found Capital Radio and Talk Radio in 1972.

From 1972 to 2001, Mr Stiby was chief executive of The Local Radio Company, who had an office in Cathedral Street, and he played a part in the founding of Spire FM and more than 30 other local radio stations across the country.

Throughout the early part of his career Mr Stiby established a reputation for starting and successfully running small radio stations, and this was continued in recent years with his work as chairman of Tindle Radio.

Mr Stiby, who at one time was the president of the Newspaper Society, officially retired from the business in March 2006 but he still maintains an interest in broadcasting and has business interests in Ireland and America.