TEAMS can put their problem solving skills to the test in a new escape game challenge in the city.

Live Escape Salisbury has been set up by Charles and Claire Pitcher and is located at 49C Castle Street.

The pair will be welcoming players to take on their escape game, Spectre, which opens over the bank holiday weekend from May 26 to 29.

As part of the game, which has a science fiction feel to it, teams have to look out for clues and put their analytical and problem solving skills to the test to complete the challenges and find their way out.

Locked inside the room teams have just 60 minutes to complete their mission.

Charles and Claire are keen escape game players. Their love of escape games was started after discovering one in Budapest and they have continued to try out the different challenges.

"We love escape games, basically we've tried to bring what we love most about the games to our own one," said Charles.

Charles who is a product designer left his full time job to pursue the new venture with Claire, who's background is in media and marketing.

He said: "It was a lot of fun designing everything and building it all."

It has taken about a year to get Live Escape Salisbury ready for opening.

"We are extremely excited [to be opening in Salisbury]," Charles said.

"One of the best things about escape rooms and the whole reason we wanted it do it is because it is bringing something fun for people to do. I enjoy it when people are having fun. It is the best job in the world watching people enjoy themselves."

"Our unique selling point is the fact that a lot of the games here have been specifically designed by me.

"I've tried to design them in a way that is more physical and fun for people to play. We want to be more immersive."

Claire added: "We hope people come and play."

The game is suitable for teams of two up to six players. Book online at or via the Facebook page.