CCTV cameras are once again watching over Salisbury more than a year after the old system was switched off.

The city’s old CCTV system was scrapped last summer and Wiltshire Council sold the control room to developers.

Wiltshire Council promised a new fibre-optic system worth £500,000, provided the city council paid for its upkeep, and assured there would be no “switch off” or gap in service.

But it was more than a year and several missed completion dates before the new system was finally installed.

Now some, but not all the cameras have gone live, with the rest expected to follow between now and the end of the year.

The system is funded by Wiltshire Council and is part of the package of assets and services that was formally transferred to Salisbury City Council in April.

It is being installed by contractor Openview, and will be operated by Citywatch paid staff and volunteers who will work from the council and police offices at Bourne Hill.

Wiltshire Police will have access to the footage.

Work has also begun on Amesbury and Wilton's systems, which will be run by their town councils.

Jerry Wickham, Wiltshire councillor in charge of public protection, said: “I am delighted work is well underway on the new CCTV system.

"This process has taken longer than any of us had wanted, however the hard work with our partners is now paying off, and the people of Salisbury can be reassured their city is being overseen by a state-of-the-art modern system.

“We’ll continue to work with partners throughout this installation process and make sure they and the public are fully updated on its progress.”

Mike Withers, chairman of Citywatch said: “The Salisbury Partnership established by Salisbury BID and Salisbury City Council is now successfully operating as Citywatch and is delighted that the city CCTV system is operational again.

"We are pleased that Wiltshire Council are able to deliver a state of the art system, enabling us to punch above our weight in terms of security and crime prevention.

"It demonstrates the importance of Salisbury as a successful Purple Flag accredited city."

The council has worked with Wiltshire Police, Salisbury City Council, Salisbury BID, Citywatch, Salisbury Chamber of Commerce, Wilton Town Council and Amesbury Town Council on this project.

Work will be completed later this year.