THE life and legacy of Sir Terry Pratchett is celebrated in a new and exclusive exhibition opening at Salisbury Museum tomorrow (Saturday).

Salisbury Museum, the Estate of Sir Terry Pratchett and Paul Kidby have come together to present Terry Pratchett: HisWorld.

Pratchett, who lived in Broad Chalke, died in March 2015 after a public battle with Alzheimer’s disease.

The major exhibition explores his life and will give an insight into the man who created some of literature’s most popular fantasy worlds and characters.

Curator Richard Henry said: "It is about celebrating the life of Sir Terry Pratchett and giving people a unique insight into his world. It is not necessarily about the Discworld, a big part is about him."

"There is more to him and that is what we have tried to bring out," added Richard.

"I never thought I would do an exhibition on an author that inspired me to start reading in the first place. It has just been a real privilege."

The exhibition will feature artwork by Terry himself, and more than 40 original paintings and drawings by Paul Kidby, Terry’s artist of choice.

Paul has designed the Discworld book jackets since 2002 and has illustrated many Discworld publications including the 2001 novella The Last Hero and The Art of Discworld.

Visitors will have a chance to see Pratchett's first published short story - The Hades Business - prepared as a piece of homework but typed up by his aunt and submitted to Science Fantasy magazine. The story yielded the princely sum of £14, which Terry used to buy his first typewriter, an Imperial 58. This typewriter will also be on public display for the first time.

And the exhibition will be a first chance for visitors to take a look at Paul Kidby’s design for a statue of Terry, which will go on display in Salisbury.

Rob Wilkins, the manager of Sir Terry’s estate said: "The global success of his work and the outpouring of affection for Terry during his life and after his death highlight the importance of this exhibition. Terry left behind so many words, into which this exhibition will provide a tantalising window into their creator and the private space in which they were created."

"Terry relished the opportunity to connect with his readers and we have no doubt that this opportunity for visitors to immerse themselves wholly in his life and work, and to be able view some of his treasured possessions, from his Knightly sword to his Blue Peter badge, would have both delighted and amused him."

The exhibition also features a full-size recreation of Terry's office, which was known as The Chapel. And there is also an interactive screen where visitors can discover more about Pratchett's Discworld characters.

Paul Kidby's work will also feature in an exhibition Paul Kidby: The Charmed Realm, which runs alongside the HisWorld exhibition.

Terry Pratchett: HisWorld runs until January 13, 2018.