AN AMATEUR boxer who has caught the eye of Salisbury city centre visitors has said his confidence has grown since he began skipping in public.

Connor Lane started jumping rope in Market Place earlier this year to encourage other youngsters to get into sport, but it has helped him more than he thought.

Less than a decade ago the 18-year-old was unable to read or write and struggled talking to strangers.

“I couldn’t read or write, and I had no confidence in myself, and I had a hard time through school because of this.

“Now, because of my boxing and skipping, I have belief in myself. It has helped me come a long way from where I used to be.”

Wiltshire College student Connor jumps in the square a few times a week and to his delight people stop and talk to him about what he is doing.

“I want to grab people’s attention and change people’s minds that there are other things that kids can do in life.”

By skipping Connor says that he is also putting a smile on people’s faces.

“I have had people say that what I’m doing is great and there are others that join in with me especially little kids who jump with me.”

The Salisbury teenager has also been given the support of his mum Sally, dad Conrad and his late grandad Maxie who told him to never be afraid and he is putting this to the test.

“I want to show people that there are things for teenagers to do than hang around in the centre,” Connor added.

“I have tried to live by the motto live for today die for tomorrow and that’s exactly what I’m doing with my boxing.”

When he is not jumping in Market Place Connor attends a boxing club in Devizes.