ONE of Dog Trust Salisbury's "long-term lodgers" has found her forever home just in time for Christmas.

Six-year-old crossbreed Lottie, who was cared for by staff at the rehoming centre in Newton Tony for more than 1,700 days, is starting a new life with Mike Rawlings and Cheryl Gibbens from Melksham.

They had originally wanted to rehome a small dog, but fell in love with 40kg Lottie the moment they saw her.

Mike said: “We’re so excited to have Lottie in our family. After initially going into the rehoming centre for a tiny Terrier, we fell in love with Lottie the first time we saw her.

"She’s settled in so well and we’re so proud of how she's doing. Her character is coming out more and more each day and she’s such a friendly girl.

“We’re looking forward to giving her the best Christmas ever.”

Sam Hempenstall, Lottie’s canine carer said: “I love spending time with all of the dogs in our care – but on occasions, there is just one that gets you, and for me, one of them was Lottie.

"Finding the perfect home for any dog always fills you with a warm feeling.

"But when some of your longest term dogs find their fortune it really is a special day for everyone and I’m so proud of Lottie for finally finding her forever home just in time for Christmas.

"I really miss her but I am over the moon that she has found the happy ending she deserves.”

Lottie is just one of the Rehoming Centres 370 dogs to be rehomed so far in 2017, with 50 still waiting to find their forever homes.

Tery Laffin, Rehoming Centre Manager at Dogs Trust Salisbury, said: “However long a dog is with us, whether it’s a week or two or several years, we work with them, focusing on whatever will help them find their perfect home and when that pays off it’s an incredible feeling.

“Lottie needed quite a specific home to suit her needs so thankfully, she has really landed on her paws with her new owners and we couldn’t be happier.”