A COMMERCIAL analyst hanged himself in his garage over fears his marriage was going to end, an inquest heard.

Ben Wakeham, 37, of Norman Drive in Old Sarum was found dead by his wife Louise on August 3.

An inquest at Salisbury Coroners Court on Wednesday heard the pair had been together for nearly 14 years and that they were the “best of friends” and were “very happy and had a great life”.

In a statement read out at the inquest, Mrs Wakeham said she believed her husband’s decision to take his own life had been an impulsive one, “taken in a moment of panic”.

The inquest heard when Mrs Wakeham was travelling home from London she had received a message from a woman about her husband having an affair. She said she showed the message to her husband and they talked about it but had not argued. Her husband had said he did not want their marriage to end.

The inquest heard Mrs Wakeham then walked to the shop and received a text message from her husband saying “I love you”. On arriving home she went to look for him and noticed the keys were in the garage door and went inside, which is when she found him.

Paramedics were called and Mr Wakeham was pronounced dead at about 9.10pm.

The inquest heard Mr Wakeham had experienced health problems and been diagnosed with depression and prescribed medication. He had come off anti-depressants but had gone back to taking medication.

In a statement, Mrs Wakeham said: “My husband was a good and kind man and wanted a quiet life and the very best for his family and me.

“The potential loss of his marriage caused a panic reaction so strong that led him to take his own life. I do not believe it was planned. There was no note.”

Coroner Ian Singleton recorded a conclusion of suicide.