A SEVENTY-year-old woman sparked an armed stand-off outside her home after threatening to attack police with knives and a gun.

Christine Blanchard, of Winding Way in Bemerton Heath, called police at about 4pm on New Year’s Eve and said: “You’ve ruined my life now I’m going to ruin yours. If you want one-on-one, I’m ready to fight.”

And two hours later, staff at Fountain Way medical centre alerted police that Blanchard had called the reception and said she was in her car outside with knives and a gun that she planned to use to harm officers.

In a hearing at Salisbury magistrates’ court on Friday, prosecutor Keith Ballinger said Blanchard was not at the scene when officers arrived so they went to her home with a firearms team.

While negotiating with Blanchard from outside the house, police heard that she “needed revenge for something that happened years ago” and had been drinking vodka and taking medication that day.

She also said: “Give me a copper, I’ll have a one-on-one fight with them and we will see who wins.”

When officers entered her home, Blanchard produced a lock knife, prompting police to draw their Tasers.

But Mr Ballinger said Blanchard “remained aggressive, walking towards them thrusting the knife in their direction, demanding the officers put down their Tasers and fight”.

When she dropped the knife police restrained her, finding another knife on her person, and an air rifle was later found in her bedroom.

In interview she said she totally regretted her actions and she was currently under care of the mental health team.

Blanchard admitted one count of affray.

Defending, Matthew George said the incident was “a plea for help”, adding: “There was no risk to officers, had her request for a one-on-one been granted, it’s obvious who would have won.”

Blanchard will be sentenced on February 23.

She will not be charged over a number of other disturbances at the address.