NEW plans for a mobile phone mast in Woodfalls have been described as a “huge, ugly monstrosity” that will “ruin” the landscape.

The application, which has been put forward by Vodafone, is seeking permission for a 17.5m slimline mast with three antennas at Ridge Farm near Highfield Lane.

A previous application for the site had been refused by Wiltshire Council. But the council failed to inform Vodafone of the decision within the allotted 56 days so permission was deemed to be granted and work started in October. Discussions were held with Wiltshire Council after the base was put in the wrong place.

Resident Matt Johnson said the position of the mast was “ridiculous” and was three times taller than the nearest bungalow which was less than six metres away.

He said: “Woodfalls is a very rural village surrounded by fields, you cannot therefore justify in any way installing this mast literally on the doorstep of a small bungalow.

“How can it be appropriate to put this huge, ugly monstrosity in this location, surely this is singlehandedly ruining the look of our lane and the surrounding countryside.”

He said the installation would impact on a “very well used” footpath.

“The mast would be clearly visible from nearby homes thus affecting the quality of life – leading to loss of amenity,” he added. “The health of the residents living nearby must be considered.

“The mast will be less than 45 metres from the homes of children and very close to many others and vulnerable older residents.”

He said: “Little has changed from the last application to this one. The last one was refused therefore so should this one.”

Rosemary Cumersdale, commenting on the plans online, said: “I can only advise that this location, close to Highfield Lane has no technical justification, peoples lives are to be blighted owing to a quasi design process which is not based on demonstrated science or technical necessity."

Galliford Try, the agent acting on behalf of Vodafone, said it was the “most suitable site option and design” and balances operational need with local and national planning policies.

The public consultation runs until February 27. Comment at (18/00898/FUL).