A FIREFIGHTER was verbally abused after asking a driver to move their vehicle off the keep clear markings in front of Fordingbridge Fire Station.

The incident happened on Tuesday morning.

Drivers are being reminded to think twice about parking on the keep clear markings at the fire station.

Fordingbridge station manager Andy Weeks said: “Seconds cost lives - it’s that simple.

“If you delay a fire engine you could cost somebody their life.

“I am shocked that anyone could be angry about being asked to move so we can respond to 999 calls or miss the large yellow signs telling them not to park there.

“I would urge that person to think how they would feel if we were coming to help them or their loved ones.”

This is not the first time the fire station has experienced problems with vehicles parking over the keep clear markings.

Last year a driver parked on the keep clear markings to make a phone call, blocking both fire engine bays.

There have also been incidents where people have parked their cars in the fire station car park to get takeaway meals.

Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service launched a campaign called #INeedMySpace which is aimed at deterring motorists from parking outside fire stations or preventing fire crews from travelling down narrow streets. For more on the campaign go to hantsfire.gov.uk