SALISBURY and south Wiltshire has not been short of community spirit as teams of volunteers did their bit to help during the severe weather. 

Volunteers have been helping to clear snow off the roads to get areas moving again as well using their 4X4s to transport staff to Salisbury District Hospital. 

Peter Burden, is just one of the many volunteers who have been helping the community over the past three days.

He says it has been an "amazing" experience helping those in need.

On Thursday he helped clear the road on the A345 when he saw cars and lorries struggling to move through the snow on his way home to Salisbury from his job in Amesbury. 

He said: "One of my passions is helping others and instead of driving home I decided to do the right thing and help those that are in need and prioritise the elderly and children.

"I would never hesitate in helping where I can. Before I knew it the time was 11pm.

"I felt amazing helping others and knowing that I have been able to aid in potential critical situations."

He continued to provide help on Friday and over the weekend helping get staff to the district hospital in his Land Rover through the "treacherous" conditions. 

And yesterday he was helping people get to Waitrose as well as getting food supplies to neighbours.

Peter added: "I met some amazing people and it was great to see the community come together."

Volunteers from Salisbury-based charity Serve On were also busy helping out and were shoveling snow to clear the car parks at the hospital and shuttling district nurses to see patients in remote areas. 

Residents have also been banding together to clear their own roads.