Items have been removed from the cemetery at Salisbury Crematorium and taken to Salisbury hospital.

A large blue bag was seen being carried to a van from the London Road site where Sergei Skripal's wife and son are buried.

Officers in hazmat suits have also been seen in the cemetery.

Salisbury Journal:

A large convoy of emergency and military vehicles was seen heading towards the hospital.

Two military lorries arrived at A&E with police escorts, incident reponse units and an ambulance.

A large, green, military-style tent has been set up at the entrance to A&E.

Salisbury Journal:

It's like living in a x file movie atm #salisbury #RussianSpy #SergeiSkripal this was only half the convey, looks like it was heading to the hospital

A blue tent has also been set up in the cemetery.

Salisbury Journal:

Officers cordoned off the graves of Sergei Skripal's wife and son at Salisbury Crematorium in London Road yesterday.

Parts of the grounds were closed to the public, and the graves of Alexander and Luidmila Skripal were taped off. 

Salisbury Journal:

The deaths of Alexander and Liudmila are now considered to be part of the Met Police investigation.

  • A previous version of this story reported that a body had been exhumed from the cemetery, according to witness reports. This has not been confirmed and the Metropolitan Police have since denied this is the case.